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Changing fonts in Families programmatically…

While on my daily trawl through the Dynamo Forum I found this post by Denis Remesnik which piqued my interest. The idea was to change the font of the Text/Dimensions but within families (although the wording of the title was... Continue Reading →

Revit Links…Reloaded…

It's often these days that you have to reload Revit models almost on a weekly basis depending on the model exchange frequency on your project. Or you have upgraded your project or restructured your directories. We've all been there and... Continue Reading →

Delete those Elements (with TaskDialog advanced features)…

As you may have seen from the TaskDialog...Hello, Revit! example, you can create a Dialog Box with only a few lines of code. However, there is more you can do with it than just displaying a simple message. You can... Continue Reading →

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