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September 2019

Dynamo View Extension WPF Template…

This post should be relatively short and code free but it's not without some usefulness...hopefully! If you are like me and hate writing the same old code over and over again, visual studio has the ability to create Custom Templates.... Continue Reading →

Placing multiple views on multiple sheets…and a legend copier

While I am binge blogging (2 in a day - which is more than I have done all year, so yes...this is a binge!), I thought I would write about another blast from the past... Place Multiple Views on Multiple... Continue Reading →

It’s just a Phase…

Wow! It's been a very long time since I posted anything! Thought I would at least get a post or two done before Uni starts for the year and I become a hermit for the next 9 months... So, today's... Continue Reading →

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