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May 2017

Grids – Propagate Extents…

Here we will look at Propagating all the Grids in View using Dynamo/Python and the DatumPlane class. If you are unsure what the DatumPlane class is refer to the Intro to Datum Planes. This is pretty much the same as... Continue Reading →

Intro to Datum Planes…

There are times where you wish you could automate some things to do with Levels, Grids or Reference Planes. For instance, you want to change all the Grid Bubble locations for a set of grids in one hit instead of... Continue Reading →

Intro into Enums…

Here I will quickly cover some basics of Enums. Quite often when working with the Revit API we are confronted with Enums. They are literally everywhere and for good reason - they are super handy. What are they? Enums are a set of... Continue Reading →

Intro to Transactions…

Many people ask what a Transaction is. Sounds scary, like you may need your credit card or something, but fear not, they are really very simple. Here I will give a brief overview on what a Transaction is in the... Continue Reading →

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