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March 2017

Delete those Elements (with TaskDialog advanced features)…

As you may have seen from the TaskDialog...Hello, Revit! example, you can create a Dialog Box with only a few lines of code. However, there is more you can do with it than just displaying a simple message. You can... Continue Reading →

TaskDialog…Hello, Revit!!!

In this example we will be using the RevitAPIUI.dll and calling the Revit TaskDialog window to show the user a custom message in Revit. Most programming tutorials start with a "Hello World" example, this has supposedely been around since 1974... Continue Reading →

The basics of using the Revit API…

OK... so we covered what references were and how to add them in the last tutorial, References, References, References... In this tutorial we will acquaint ourselves with the Revit API & SDK, where to find it and how to read... Continue Reading →

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