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So a while back I wrote a post about transforming Revit's internal coordinates to the Project/Survey coordinate systems. While it was a good stab, it wasn't the best implementation.. I was wildly unfamiliar with Transforms back then and saw them... Continue Reading →

Animate Phases with Dynamo…

So, I made a script many years ago when first learning Dynamo Zero-Touch Nodes to animate Revit via Dynamo. The problem I found was, unlike Grasshopper, where you can create a counter node relatively easily, in Dynamo there was no... Continue Reading →

Seeing double…With Dynameow

A little earlier this year I was looking into Autodesk's Stingray Gaming Engine. I have to say it is very nice indeed, I like it a lot. I personally prefer Unity, there are a few reasons why.. Unity has a... Continue Reading →

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