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So a while back I wrote a post about transforming Revit's internal coordinates to the Project/Survey coordinate systems. While it was a good stab, it wasn't the best implementation.. I was wildly unfamiliar with Transforms back then and saw them... Continue Reading →

Python Sets and examples…

While on the forums, one thing I don't see much of is using sets in their code where it is ideal (either in Dynamo Built-In Nodes or in python). Most of the time you see simple things made complicated with... Continue Reading →

Get In-Place FamilyInstance Swept Profile…

Recently, one of my good friends asked me if it is possible to get the Swept Profile and Path of an In-Place family. They had tried the FamilyInstance.GetSweptProfile, however, In-place families don't support this (no idea why In-place families have... Continue Reading →

ImportExtensions() vs import from…

Happy new year! After a very lazy and relaxing relatively tech free time in the countryside for 10 days, I'm ready to rock n' roll... I'm sure this feeling of complete regeneration will last about a week, but gotta enjoy... Continue Reading →

Dynamo View Extension WPF Template…

This post should be relatively short and code free but it's not without some usefulness...hopefully! If you are like me and hate writing the same old code over and over again, visual studio has the ability to create Custom Templates.... Continue Reading →

Placing multiple views on multiple sheets…and a legend copier

While I am binge blogging (2 in a day - which is more than I have done all year, so yes...this is a binge!), I thought I would write about another blast from the past... Place Multiple Views on Multiple... Continue Reading →

It’s just a Phase…

Wow! It's been a very long time since I posted anything! Thought I would at least get a post or two done before Uni starts for the year and I become a hermit for the next 9 months... So, today's... Continue Reading →

ViewExtensions in any Event…

A few days ago (while flicking through the Dynamo Forum) I spotted this post about the Dynamo API and some confusion as to what the Workspace Events do, and my interest was piqued as I too had the same question... Continue Reading →

A Splash of Colour…

Maths revision can get pretty boring after a few hours, so I decided to have a little fun looking at View Extensions again. I've recently been learning all about WPF and MVVM - which is something like magic at first,... Continue Reading →

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