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Paint me a picture…

I spend most my days these days in Unity and I really love it. There really isn't much you can't do in it and it is such a great sandbox for learning new things in C#. Quite a bit of... Continue Reading →

Quit it Unity…

While I am on a roll, here is a very short Unity post. Probably the most basic thing you can do with Unity... but, if you are super new to Unity and C# this is might be just the right... Continue Reading →

Sequence Controller Unity…

Ok... so, this may be my first Unity only related post. I've been using Unity for quite a while, but I have never really posted anything about it code related, mostly just demo's. So, along with the new year we... Continue Reading →

Delete those Elements (with TaskDialog advanced features)…

As you may have seen from the TaskDialog...Hello, Revit! example, you can create a Dialog Box with only a few lines of code. However, there is more you can do with it than just displaying a simple message. You can... Continue Reading →

TaskDialog…Hello, Revit!!!

In this example we will be using the RevitAPIUI.dll and calling the Revit TaskDialog window to show the user a custom message in Revit. Most programming tutorials start with a "Hello World" example, this has supposedely been around since 1974... Continue Reading →

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