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December 2016

References, References, References…

As I explained in the previous tutorial, A quick look inside the Python Node, we need the CLR to add references to .NET libraries. Within that library there are a bunch of goodies we want to use in our code.... Continue Reading →

A quick look inside the Python Node…

We’ll start off where we left the last tutorial, A quick tour of the Python Node. This was where we finished by opening the Python Nodes Popup window by double clicking on the main body of the Node. Having done... Continue Reading →

A quick tour of the Python Node…

Ok, we shall begin the first post in the Python and the Revit API Tutorial series by having a look at the Python Node and its features... Let's start off by placing a fresh Python node in our Dynamo script. You... Continue Reading →

Why learn to Programme…?

Programming is often seen as some tedious beast that only people with IQ's off the charts can do where you need a doctorate in Mathematics and Computer Science, a severe case of acne and glasses with lenses like they have been liberated... Continue Reading →

Seeing double…With Dynameow

A little earlier this year I was looking into Autodesk's Stingray Gaming Engine. I have to say it is very nice indeed, I like it a lot. I personally prefer Unity, there are a few reasons why.. Unity has a... Continue Reading →

Script that runs like Clockwork…

It was a cold and rainy night in January, the wind was lashing rain hard against my windows in relentless sheets and naught on TV (as usual), with outdoor activities definitely out the question (as it was cold enough to make even... Continue Reading →

Getting My Hands Dirty In Dynamo With Leap Motion Orion SDK

As part of my company Dyamo Hackathon I wanted to show something unique so decided to get my hands dirty with the Leap Motion SDK and Dynamo. I wrote some custom nodes for Dynamo using Visual Studio pulling in the... Continue Reading →

Deck the Halls…with Dynamo

It's that time of year again where we get to eat unlimited mince pies, watch repeats of old Christmas Classics and listen to cheesy Christmas music. It's also a time of year to give to others so thought I would... Continue Reading →

So… I decided to start a blog…

Ok, so I decided to start my own blog. After an hour of grappling with how wordpress works and making it look sort of pretty I can finally write my first post. I have been meaning to do this for... Continue Reading →

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