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Zero Touch

Animate Phases with Dynamo…

So, I made a script many years ago when first learning Dynamo Zero-Touch Nodes to animate Revit via Dynamo. The problem I found was, unlike Grasshopper, where you can create a counter node relatively easily, in Dynamo there was no... Continue Reading →

Get your Clipboard ready…

First of all Happy Easter to all! After a week of sunshine which I think may have been our summer we are back to autumn in Mordor where blue skies are a long forgotten memory and leaving the house is... Continue Reading →

Script that runs like Clockwork…

It was a cold and rainy night in January, the wind was lashing rain hard against my windows in relentless sheets and naught on TV (as usual), with outdoor activities definitely out the question (as it was cold enough to make even... Continue Reading →

Getting My Hands Dirty In Dynamo With Leap Motion Orion SDK

As part of my company Dyamo Hackathon I wanted to show something unique so decided to get my hands dirty with the Leap Motion SDK and Dynamo. I wrote some custom nodes for Dynamo using Visual Studio pulling in the... Continue Reading →

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