This website is a place where I can share some of the personal R&D I have been working on, some Ramblings about software/other things and, more importantly, a place where I hope I can help others learn more about programming with C#, Python or other languages for a variety of applications and give back to the community.

Who am I?

A bit about me… I’m Dan Woodcock and welcome to my site!

My current profession is as a Digital Design Technologist at Robert Bird Group (London) and currently help lead the R&D/Scripting across our group.

My Background…

I started my career in the engineering industry as a Draftsperson over a decade ago. However, I have always been an avid Technophile and have a keen interest in emerging/trending Technologies and how they can be used in the AEC industry.

I am also a self taught programmer… I just enjoy getting up to mischief with an IDE and hate doing the same thing twice. My programming journey started by trying to make Revit do things it just doesn’t – this was before the days of Dynamo and I remember what a pain in the arse it was to find resources… which is primarily why I started this site.

My Specialties…

My specialties include the Revit/Rhino API’s including Dynamo/Grasshopper (you may have guessed that already! Haha!). But, over the years I have also branched into other technologies such as Unity, XR and Web development. My preferred weapon of choice is C#. However, I love Python & JavaScript almost as much.

What I enjoy…

I love creating things… whether I am sketching, playing the guitar, cooking or programming, I get huge satisfaction from coming up with ideas and making them a reality.

I also love problem solving… this could be a maths problem, reverse engineering a track in reason, programming… nothing beats having a tricky problem in front of you and picking it apart until you solve it.

Another thing I really enjoy is helping others… How noble right?!? Haha! Nah, seriously, when I started learning the Revit API, I felt like there really wasn’t nearly enough resources out there, it was such a headache and how many times I nearly threw in the towel… this is why I started this site, so it can be just another place people can come to learn.

Other things I’m up to…

Currently I’m doing a degree in mathematics… So, if I go quiet for some time, it probably means I have my nose well and truly buried in text books… or, wordpress isn’t sending me notifications as usual.

I’m also planning to finally build a game (in Unity of course). I have no idea if I have the skills or time to actually finish it, but I’ll keep chipping away at it when I can.


I hope you enjoy reading some of the articles, learnt some new things or take away some new ideas and find my humour at least mildly amusing…