As part of my company Dyamo Hackathon I wanted to show something unique so decided to get my hands dirty with the Leap Motion SDK and Dynamo. I wrote some custom nodes for Dynamo using Visual Studio pulling in the Leap Motion Orion SDK (Which I have to say is sooo simple I had this working in no more than a couple of hours!).

I have been looking into Leap Motion’s Orion SDK and HTC Vive using Unity over the past week and has been pretty fun so far, but I use Revit and Dynamo daily so just had to get Dynamo & Leap together.

The hands are a little glitchy when running Screencast-O-Matic as it’s hogging my resources a little, but as you can see it is still pretty responsive at refresh intervals of 150ms and running screen capture software.

I haven’t considered all the potential uses for the Leap Motion controller inside the Dynamo UI as this was purely to get Leap in Dynamo, but I can imagine it would be pretty cool for testing responsive facade systems in the way in which we would naturally. Another cool application could be surface manipulation with your hands using the tips of your fingers to push/pull surface UV’s with an attractor script. Perhaps have a look at what some people have done with Grasshopper/Leap Motion for some cool ideas as they are most likely transferable.

Thought I would share this and I hope you enjoy watching the demo!